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Hello, and welcome to my baking blog.  I am a busy mum of 3 amazing children and I simply love to bake.  I started writing my blog in October 2011 with the main aims of inspiring my readers to try something new and to open up a window into my life for other mums to relate to and for my children to enjoy when they are older.

I write about things that are important to me and include recipes that are family friendly and helpful as well as the odd lavish cake which appeals to my enjoyment of spoiling the precious people in my life on special occasions.  You will also find relevant and honest product reviews and stories of my baking adventures.

Here are a few reasons why I am very proud of my blog:

  • A lot of love and time goes into each blog post that I write.  I think carefully about which recipes to include and how I can put my own stamp on them
  • I am keen to keep sugar content in my recipes as low as possible (because a sugar high and then crash does not make for happy days with my children).  I will sometimes use natural alternatives to help me achieve this
  • I will use natural colourings wherever possible
  • I  include seasonal recipes on a regular basis
  • I aim to be budget friendly by making use of all the things that are around me for free such as elderflower, blackberries, the neighbour’s excess rhubarb and fallen apples to name a few
  • Because homemade = love = smiles

Here are some of my favorite baking adventures so far:

Where I want to go:

The loveliest thing about my blog is the fact that it is an organic creation which is continually evolving and I’m most definitely enjoying the ride!  My ultimate dream is to write my own cookbook, but I have lots of ideas bubbling away so watch this space as I like to aim for the sky.


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