Yummy Scrummy Valentines Chocolates

January 25, 2012 by Fleur in Reviews with 0 Comments

Ok, I guess I ought to be up front here and say straight away that I’m a bit of a chocoholic.  There is always chocolate in my cupboard in some form or another and I reckon I will treat myself to some every other day, if not every day.  I try to be good, but some days there is just no getting away from the fact that more is required. I’m a firm believer that chocolate is good  for the soul and it has been a life saver for me on many occasion.

So when the opportunity came up to sample and review some chocolates from Hotel Chocolat’s valentines range, well I just could not say no.  What a fab perk for writing a food blog!  It also means that I have an excuse to tell you a little story about the first time I experienced Hotel Chocolat.

Two weeks before Christmas last year, Dave came to stay at my house.  I did not know Dave, and still don’t.   He works with my husband, but whilst out celebrating Christmas with the rest of the team he’d drunk so much that he had forgotten where he lived.  Still to this day my husband insists that he was being a good samaritan by bringing Dave back to ours rather than leaving him out in the cold.   I did not get much sleep that night, and Dave was quick to make an exit the next morning after the realisation of where he was dawned on him.  But that evening my husband came back with a box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates from an apologetic Dave, for me.  I was very pleased with my gift for the chocolates were fab, but I don’t think Dave will be coming back to stay in a hurry!

At the moment Hotel Chocolat have got a lovely selection of valentines gifts to suit a range of budgets.  What appeals to me is that all Hotel Chocolat products are a bit different and experimental.  Like a sweet shop but for grown ups.  So for example, in the adeptly named, ‘Season of Love Goody Bag‘ that I got to sample there were chocolate caramels, but not any old chocolate caramels, caramels with chilli.  Which I must add were amazing.  There was also caramel buttons (see what I mean about the adult sweet shop) a slab of raspberry riot chocolate which was a sweet, tangy, crunchy and pink extravaganza of chocolate loveliness.  And finally some cute heart shaped vanilla truffles.  It came in a lovely gift bag, which has also been used as a handbag by my two girls as soon as the chocolates had all gone, (added bonus).

So these get a big thumbs up from me, and thanks to Hotel Chocolat for allowing me to indulge in the name of research ;-)

Disclaimer- I do not work for Hotel Chocolat nor did not get paid to write this review.

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